Q: When did you get your start, and how long have you been a caricature artist?
A: Around 2015-2016, I applied as a face painter at Lego Land in Florida. I did not want to do caricatures at first because it was not forgiving and I stuck with face painting. Then my former manager, Sergio Mateos, saw my work and told me that I needed to be a caricature artist. I tried it out and got comfortable with it within a month.
Q: Where do you currently work? What are you doing.
A: I currently work for The Toonheadz under AJ Jenson and Bobby Morris as a caricature artist. I met AJ during my travels with another caricature company. I work retail, but mostly gigs with the company.
Q: What do you consider your style? What influences your work?
A: As far as caricatures, my style leans more towards cuteacature. Cuteacatures are cute and nice. I draw with a slight exaggeration but it's similar to a portrait.
Anime really influences my style. I have drawn it since middle school. I also went to school for art and did online training. I focused on anatomy, lighting and composition. I have also traveled and worked with other artists that also played a role in influencing my work. It took a long time to nurture my craft. 
Q: How do you approach caricatures?
A: It depends on the mood. I usually look at the person overall and how they measure up. First, look at the features and how they sit. I look for particular features that stand out. For example, how they look when they smile. I focus on their eyebrows studying if they are thick or thin or what they could be saying. I observe body language. Then I try to capture that all into my work.
Q: Do you have any differences in yourself that separates you from other caricature artists?
A: Yes, I have ADHD, an executive function disorder coupled with severe anxiety, and an auditory sensory disorder. When it comes down to drawing people live, It can be difficult for me to interact with people due to my severe anxiety, but I choose to do so because it is awesome to share art with anyone willing to indulge in it.
My auditory sensory disorder makes me very sensitive to loud, sudden, or repetitive noises which can make working in festivals or busy areas a challenge as the noise causes me physical pain. I will have to take breaks or cover my ears if things get too bad usually.
ADHD is another thing I have to manage everyday, it makes completing, starting, or focusing on tasks difficult. ADHD encompasses a lot of things that makes it hard, but with proper management and coping skills I've been able to get by just fine. 
Q: Do you create artwork outside of caricatures?
A: Yes, I create artwork all the time outside of caricatures. In fact, that’s where I do majority of my work. I create a variety of different types of works ranging from illustration, character design, and graphic design.
Q: What hobbies or passions do you have outside of caricature?
A: Outside of caricature and art, my hobbies are hiking, exploring new places. I also enjoy learning about a variety of things ranging from science, relationships, and just whatever I can get my hands on if it is interesting. Besides those I really enjoy video games, anime, health, and beauty. I dabble in a variety of things really.
Q: Who are your favorite women artists in caricature or in related industries?
A: I really enjoy Kiko Yamada's work (ninjasketch on insta). Her work is fantastic. Outside of caricatures, some of the woman I'm inspired by are Sakimi-chan. She does these stunning paintings of famous characters and I have been following her journey since I was in middle school.
Q: Where can we follow your work?
A: You can follow my caricature work on @PeachBunny_Art on instagram.

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