Group photo at ISCAcon31 in 2022

Women* in Caricature aims to provide a safe space and community for the development of women in caricature.
Our group offers caricature resources, workshops, artist spotlights, community nights, and a place to connect with other women in caricature. Follow us on Instagram @womenincaricature
Women may join our Facebook and Discord groups by using the button below. Allies can apply here.
*Women in Caricature is trans-inclusive​​​​​​​
Want to learn more? Our very own Aimee Lew was invited to be a Guest Editor for the International Society of Caricature Artists' ("ISCA") Exaggerated Features Magazine in 2021. Aimee wrote an incredible article about our beginnings, our community, and our goals. Check it out below!
Excerpt from Exaggerated Features' Issue 2021.4 "Women In Caricature Spotlight" which featured over 10 women in the caricature community. Exaggerated Features ("EF") is a member's only publication. To read the rest of the issue visit to become a member and get access to this issue of EF and many more! 
Special thanks to ISCA for allowing us to publish this article!